Paddleboard Yoga

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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga unites the sport of stand-up paddle boarding, with the ancient practice of yoga.

Practicing yoga on a surface that is moving – like the paddleboard – engages the core muscles and strengthens other muscles which wouldn’t otherwise be used in earth-bound practice. SUP yoga also requires intense focus because transitioning between poses requires concentration to keep the board steady.

Boards are tied to an anchoring system, so that they are all lined up in the same way as mats are laid out in a yoga studio. A series of low to gravity poses such as seated and laying down are done on the boards which activate the core muscles and stabilising muscles in the hips and legs. A great full body work out, yet each class ends with a floating relaxation which is extremely calming.  A unique benefit of this style of yoga, as compared with traditional types of yoga, is refinement of one’s technique because slight misalignments result in a dip in the water! You can expect SUP yoga classes to be fun yet calming for the mind. As this is a new form of yoga, most people are beginners and will be in the same boat, so why not give it a try! The worst thing that can happen is that you get wet, which happens to me sometimes, too!

You will be in good hands, I am an accredited SUP Yoga instructor and school with the ISYA (International SUP Yoga Academy) providing quality SUP Yoga education and safety standards.

Adults $30 - Kids $15

For a 1 hour session with all equipment & tuition included

Kids Paddleboard Yoga Classes and Parties

$15 Per Child

Group Discount applies (Available for kids from age 8 years and able to swim)

An active, outdoors wellbeing-focused activity for the kids. Kids SUP yoga classes run during the school holidays and are extremely popular. We double up on boards and try out fun yoga postures, some of which can be challenging and sees everyone falling in! A lot of fun, kids have big smiles on their faces, yet are learning the benefits of yoga and mindfulness through fun yoga poses.

Kids SUP yoga parties are a great way to offer an unusual birthday party.  They are always a great success with the kids.  Parents are encouraged to watch and take photos whilst we form yoga postures on the boards such as mermaid, dolphin, fish and more. We finish by singing happy birthday and splashing each other. Lots of fun! Contact me to book your Kids SUP Yoga party.

Children doing Paddle Board Yoga in Geraldton
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Want to offer someone a unique experience?

Gift vouchers available for SUP Yoga classes or SUP lessons for both adults and children.